Expat Financial offers employers around the world international group health insurance plans from global insurance carriers around the world. One of our premier international insurance providers is Allianz Partners. Allianz Partners’ International Healthcare Products provide international health insurance cover for employees, individuals and their dependants.

Please contact Expat Financial if you would like to obtain a quote from Allianz Partners for your expatriate employees. If you have a claim question, please contact Allianz Partners via their web site at:  https://www.allianzworldwidecare.com/

Allianz Partners is a a major leader in providing international group health insurance plans for globally mobile employees. Allianz Partners can offer groups of 20 plus international employees flexible plan designs and comprehensive benefits for expatriates throughout the world. Their specialized insurance plans are designed to meet the needs of a variety of multinational corporations and organizations. For companies with established global operations to those looking to expand outside their borders for the first time, Expat Financial and Allianz Partners can provide you with a variety of global insurance quotes.

Allianz Partners is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Allianz Group and is able to draw on the resources and expertise of one of the world’s leading insurers and financial services providers. Allianz Partners was founded in 1890 and today the Allianz Group is one of the leading global services providers in insurance, banking and asset management. With approximately 182,000 employees worldwide (as of September 30, 2008), the Allianz Group serves more than 80 million customers in approximately 70 countries.

Allianz’s group expatriate insurance plans offers some of the following advantages.

  • Comprehensive health benefits coverage, including both short- and long-term plans
  • Innovative health and wellness programs and educational materials
  • Online access to current, destination-specific health and security information
  • 24 x 7 member support through our customer service center
  • Partnerships that provide access to our extensive network of providers within the U.S.
  • Relationships with the highest quality providers around the world.

Allianz Worldwide plans offers products and specialized programs for a variety of organizations including:

Aetna international insurance plans can offer the following benefits:

  • International Health Insurance
  • International Evacuation & Repatriation Insurance
  • International Dental Insurance

For new plans, we are are compensated by Allianz on a renewal basis so there are no extra costs billed to the employer.  Contact us today for a review of your expatriate group insurance needs. Feel free to email us your requirements and census data, including any relevant details on your existing policy.

Note: The policies we offer are not available via TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. or its related web sites to citizens currently residing in the USA.

Note: Some of the products and services described or advertised on this site may not be available to residents of certain jurisdictions, depending on regulatory constraints, including Canada and the U.S. Please contact Expat Financial for more information about your specific jurisdiction.