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  • Please list your citizenships - note that we can't quote people who are living in a country where they also hold a citizenship.
  • Note that the insurers we work with can NOT cover local nationals and can't cover expats in some countries, including the USA and Canada.
    If you are living in the USA or Canada or in a country where you hold a passport, we are not able to obtain quotes.
    We can only obtain quotes for people who are employed.

International Life Insurance for Expatriates

When you are living abroad, there are a variety of reasons why you may need international life insurance. We have put together the above global life insurance quote form to help us understand your requirements so we can share the information with the expat insurance providers we work with. Note that there are circumstances where we are not able to assist for a variety of reasons. We recommend you examine your own life insurance requirements based on your income, age, liabilities and dependent requirements should you pass away. Also, note that we do not provide any tax or legal advice, so talk to your lawyer or accountant for more information on the tax or legal aspect of expat life insurance. Be advised that we are not able to obtain quotes for local nationals or people not already living abroad as an expat.

How Much Expat Life Insurance Do I Require?

We strongly recommend you use this free life insurance needs analysis to determine how much life insurance you require:

Life Insurance Needs Calculator

The general rule of thumb is that you get enough life insurance to pay of any debts or mortgage and when have enough leftover with assets that you have available that when invested are enough to provide for your dependents until they are no longer requiring income assistance.

We also recommend that you obtain expat disability insurance coverage if you don’t have it already. Feel free to talk to your financial or legal advisor.