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Expat Financial Web Site Awarded 4 Stars

Web This Week gives favorable review of Expat Financial!

July 5 to 12, 1999 — The Expat Financial web site, a division of Tompkins Financial Group Ltd., has been granted 4 Stars in the Web This Week’s “This Week’s Financial Site Reviews” located at http://www.webthisweek.com . The site was featured alongside websites from Chase Manhattan Bank, Petro-Canada, Stockhouse.com and Suzuki in the Financial Section of their website review.

Here is a text copy of the review from 1999:

“Expat Financial was formed to meet the growing needs of expatriates living around the world who require protection for themselves and their families. Expat Financial offers prompt, courteous, and informed service while delivering a complete solution to your life, health and disability insurance needs along with various offshore savings plans.” The Expat Financial web site provides visitors with information regarding the wide range of insurance and financial services the company brokers. You can request a quote, read up on the firm and its’ mission, read the news, and check out the Expat links, to help you along in international life. The site is easy to navigate, yet the design is quite bland and could stand some redesigning. However, if you’re in need of information on life insurance and financial planning while abroad, visit Expat Financial.

Overall, we give this site:

Reviewed On: 7/5/99″

Since the review has been published, the Expat Financial web site has been improved dramatically, including some cosmetic enhancements, but with an eye on keeping load times down. While fancy graphics are nice, this increases web page download time and can lead to web surfers skipping to another page because they don’t want to wait for the whole page to appear.

Another enhancement is the posting of several international health insurance plans so that potential customers can view and print various plan brochures, terms and conditions and even applications online! The same is true for Travel Insurance plans, but customers can also purchase coverage online via a secure encrypted server.

Expat Financial is continuing to make other enhancements that will help increase customer satisfaction and sales growth.

For More Information Contact:

Expat Financial c/o TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd.
#1500 – 701 West Georgia, Vancouver, BC  V7Y 1C6 Canada
Tel: 604-628-0426
Fax: 604-259-0642
Internet: https://expatfinancial.com

EXPAT FINANCIAL & Design is a registered trademark of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd.

Note: The policies we offer are not available via TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. or its related websites to citizens currently residing in the USA.