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Global Insurance Solutions for AISA Members & Individual Teachers

Your school has a duty of care to its employees to provide global insurance that will provide valuable and timely coverage when it is needed most. Global benefit plans and can help retain and attract the talent your education institution requires while reducing the financial & liability risks.

Expat Financial, which is a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., is an independent global insurance specialist. Your school is unique, so we don’t sell in-house or cookie-cutter plans from one insurer. Instead, we examine your requirements as your global insurance consultant. Additionally, we search the market to find the right global insurance for your employees. We don’t charge a fee as the insurer you choose will compensate us. Our firm has been working with companies and organizations operating in Africa for many years!


Association of Schools

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We even have access to global plans that are designed specifically for employers in Africa. It will extremely well suit foreign schools operating in Africa.

Independent Analysis & Service

As a fellow member of AISA, we hope that you can contact us today to we can examine your existing coverage for your staff, obtain quotes from the market and report back to you with our findings. Note that in addition to us discussing your school’s requirements, we will require a copy of the existing policy, an employee census, copy of last 2 renewal reports and any other relevant information on your policies. For life and disability cover, we will require annual incomes and occupations.

Global Coverage Available for AISA Members:

Learn more about the international insurance programs that we can present to your human resource staff by downloading our Global Schools Insurance brochure.