ihi BUPA health plans offers good coverage, but Expat Financial offers a vastly better health plans and more comprehensive policy from Cigna International. Our web site customers have complained about the pricing levels of the IHHP plans, so we are no longer offering the BUPA plans to new customers. We encourage our web site visitors and new clients to purchase the Cigna International plan which offers the following advantages:

  1. Better rates – the Cigna policy offers better rates for most expatriates. Please click HERE to obtain a quote.

  2. Access to global healthcare including the USA – We have found that the Cigna policy can deliver a much more robust medical network for expatriates who choose the Cigna or one of the other expat health plans we offer.

  3. Direct payment – if you become ill or injured, you can contact Cigna’s 24-hour emergency service day or night throughout the year. Their highly experienced staff can arrange treatment and medical evacuation if necessary.

  4. Cover for chronic diseases – if you suffer from a chronic disease you will have to complete an application form and note your pre-existing medical conditions. The insurer’s medical consultants will then consider your medical history and may require a report from your doctor. ihi BUPA health plans can then potentially cover the condition with a loading or as an exclusion.

  5. Lifetime guarantee – unless you move permanently back or to the USA or your country of citizenship, the insurer can not cancel your insurance in almost any circumstance, even if you use it a lot.

  6. Pregnancy and childbirth – Cigna Global has a 12 month waiting period for childbirth and pregnancy where you can give birth 12 months after the commencement date of your insurance and the baby will be automatically fully covered from birth – offered with Gold or Platinum plans.

  7. Great company – International Health Insurance Denmark (IHI) is part of the British United Provident Association (BUPA) and became a branch of BUPA the 1/1 2009. ihi BUPA  recently changed its name to BUPA Global. BUPA International is a very large and secure global health and care organisation with forty thousand employees and nearly eight million customers world wide.

  8. Great service and support through Expat Financial – we have been an agent of Cigna Global for many years and can provide added service and support both before and after your purchase of this very comprehensive international health insurance policy.

How much does it cost? Answer: Obtain a quote online.

How do I apply? Answer: Obtain a quote and even apply online via Cigna’s secure server or download the application from our Cigna page.