What is an expat?

An expatriate is someone who lives outside their native country, the country where they were born and brought up in. Expats usually choose to leave their native country for many reasons. The most popular reasons includes a career improvement, or to fulfill a personal dream or goal, pursue economic and quality healthcare. International health insurance cover is a necessity.

Expats living overseas can be found in the status of being permanent, semi-permanent or temporary. It is up to each expat family to spend the amount of time outside their home country before eventually returning. The term “Expatriate” also applies when a company sends an employee abroad to work overseas. This work arrangement can last months, or even years. The employee is living outside their native country. Expat Financial offers international group insurance plans for expatriate employees. We source expatriate group insurance plans for expatriate employers from around the world.

General Assistance from Expat Financial

International Group Insurance Plans

    • For new plans, contact our firm via phone, skype or email. We will need to discuss your expat benefit needs and obtain census and plan information.
  • For existing group clients, please refer to policy certificate & booklet or contact us and and note your name, employer, plan # and cert. #.

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