Top 5 Countries for Expat Families

Learn About the Top 5 Countries for Expat Families to Live

Many factors can influence expats, digital nomads, and global citizens to move abroad. Some of the primary factors that may affect your final decision may include the cost of living, healthcare facilities, or even the climatic conditions of a particular place. But when it comes to expat families, moving to the right country required adequate planning and research. Every country has its pros and cons, and knowing which country suits the family is essential. In this blog, we will look at the top five countries for expat families to live.

Expat Family Destinations

Remember, this is just a list of our top five and there are many other great countries for expat families to reside. Here are 5 excellent destinations for expatriate families:


Taiwan is a favorite among international citizens these days. You will love the quality of life that Taiwan has in store for you. Even though it ranked third in an Internations survey, it is considered one of the best places to live by 89% of the expats surveyed. Taiwan is especially popular because of the affordable healthcare facilities that this region boasts. Expats in Taiwan believe that this country has everything that can make your relocation smooth and comfortable. Also, Taiwan healthcare system is an excellent.

Additionally, 88% of the expats surveyed find the locals to be quite friendly and helpful. The major challenge that you may face while moving to Taiwan is the language. However, this can be sorted out if you learn the basics of the local language before you set foot in a Taiwanese city.


Digital Nomads and Expats in Vietnam have the privilege of exploring a wide variety of jobs. According to a study of Internations, foreign nationals and digital expats are quite happy with the career prospects and jobs available here. For expat families, you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle as your disposable income would be much higher than usual household expenses. Vietnamese folks are visitor-friendly, so you won’t feel too lonely when you arrive at this destination. There are some excellent medical facilities in Vietnam, especially in the city centers.

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You can certainly expect a good quality of life in Portugal if you are seeking a relaxed lifestyle. This beautiful country has something for everyone so that you won’t be bored during your stay. 80% of the expats love to socialize with local Portuguese residents when they are not busy in other leisure activities. The best part is that 95% of the expat population find Portugal’s climate suitable. Many global citizens are moving to Portugal for tax reasons, but frankly, it is such a great spot for expatriates and very family-friendly. To know about healthcare facilities available in the country, visit our Portugal healthcare system.

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Finland is a country which is considered the best for expat families with children. Raising expat children in this nation is easy because Finns are particularly very conscious about social and family ties. They take pride in building close-knitted families where everyone supports each other. As an expat parent, you won’t have a reason to complain because the education system in Finland is of the highest standard. The short-school days here means that your children will get enough opportunities for family time and extra-curricular activities sponsored by various schools.


expat familiesTurkey is acclaimed as one of the best countries for expats looking for professional and personal growth. It is easy to move to this country with family as lifestyle expenses are reasonable. As an expat, you can expect decent income and career progression in your chosen field. Apart from the huge expat community to welcome you, making friends with locals is easy too. Expat children can enjoy good schooling as the education system in Turkey is excellent.

Quality Lifestyle for Expat Families

If you are looking for a relaxed and enjoyable quality expatriate life, choosing one of the countries listed above can be your best bet. The country that you decide to move to should suit your lifestyle and budget. With a little personal finance as your backup, you can quickly settle in one of these countries for a long time. As an expat, all you would need is a decent income, career growth, friendly locals, and adequate healthcare facilities. It’s time to decide and move to the land of your dreams!