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Top 5 Career Choices That Expatriates Can Explore

Learn About Some Great Career Choices for Expatriates Living Abroad

We have all been through that moment of wonder when we have dream of moving abroad to pursue our dream job. You too may have pictured yourself living abroad but held yourself back from exploring those dreamy ideas because you don’t speak the language of the country you want to work or live in. Or, maybe you are unsure about beginning your search when it comes to looking for jobs that suit your profile and vice-versa. But there isn’t any reason to be worried about career choices for expatriates. Several foreign locations have been attracting expatriates from across the globe but not without a reason. If you are someone who is thinking of making a move or have already been living in another country and wrestling with career dilemmas in your area of work, you are on the right page. Read on to know exactly how this will help.

In an evolving global job market, where new jobs are created constantly and different skill sets are in demand all the time, diversity of talent is always welcome. Globalization has, inevitably, affected the workforce across organizations and domains. But this implies that global talent is more valuable than ever. Core skills like an individual’s knowledge of specific markets of a particular country, language skills, or a good understanding of high demand-low supply skills stand in good stead for positions abroad.

Among the many reasons why expats prefer to settle down in different parts of the world, higher education or career growth emerges as the most important one. What exactly one decides to pursue studying further becomes all the more important when one is considering relocating to another country. At a time when machine learning and artificial intelligence are already wiping away man-jobs, knowing how relevant and demanding certain skills will remain in the years to come is crucial.

For the benefit of our readers, we explain at length the top 5 career choices for expatriates. Which can be explored and considered as a good job options for expats.

1.  Management Positions

Flexibility and transparency, marked by project-based relationships, teamwork, and greater employee engagement reflect the growth of organizations. This implies that leadership positions are on the rise and often sought after. There is a growing demand for management positions. From product managers to account managers, there are plenty of jobs available overseas. Experienced and talented recruits are often sought after by companies for the efficient management of their teams and budgets across different domains and industries.


2. Web Design

It is impossible to not acknowledge the overarching importance of technology in our lives. Web designers work on interface and user experience, as well as graphics and designing of a website. Currently, it is almost mandatory for companies and organizations to maintain an online presence and/or a website of their own. But simply having a website is not enough. Distasteful website designs and user-un-friendliness turns away visitors, who are also potential customers. Easy usability and accessibility augment conversion rates and are the underlying factors of any business strategy. This makes web designing a highly coveted job for expatriates and especially attractive for digital nomads who can work for a client back in their home country while still living abroad.

3. Software Developer & IT

With great career prospects, the technology industry is in high demand. Whatever we see, hear, or use can be digitally controlled. A transformation that has improved the standard of living not just at work, but even in our personal space.

Developers specialize in the creation of applications but the position they are hired for varies depending upon their specialization. They can be software developers working on computer applications or web developers working on functionality, coding, and the layout of websites. Essentially, these software developers and web developers form the core of the digital world. Which only reaffirms the fact that there is a high demand for jobs in this sector. Again, as long as you live in a country with excellent internet access and speed. You can do this job as a digital nomad while living overseas. However, many multinational companies still need to send expat IT and software employees abroad to complete this work.

4. Marketing Positions for Expats

Since the last decade, careers in marketing have been on the rise. The market forces have seen the emergence of digital marketing as a domain worth a second thought. With companies and products vying for a share of the profit, the ever-growing competition is becoming increasingly unrelenting. Marketing forms the core of all business strategies and organizations.

A career in marketing in the country that you have relocated to can help you understand the market dynamics and international audience, apart from providing you an enriching cultural experience. Also, traveling always broadens your horizons. It helps if you develop your core soft skills and communicate effectively. If you are going to be an expatriate in a country where the local language will not be your mother tongue, it is important to take language and cultural sensitivity classes to improve your prospects with your expat employer.

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5. Finance Jobs for Expatriates

Jobs related to finance undergo paradigm shifts at all times. Since there are various positions available at different levels, there are plenty of continuous growth opportunities in this sector. For anyone keen to pursue a rewarding career in finance. A job overseas is a great start and consider as one of good career choices for expatriates.

Due to globalization in all areas of business, economic relations are so well established internationally. Companies and organizations that are in the process of expanding their businesses often are in the search of talented individuals. Who have an understanding of international markets and global economy. Generally, metropolitan cities like New York, San Francisco, London, and Madrid are highly attractive destinations for expatriates and digital nomads seeking a career in finance.

But What About Global Healthcare?

But all said and done, while choosing a career abroad, it is imperative to get proper insurance, especially global healthcare for you and your family members. Your global mobility team may arrange this for you or ask you to obtain individual coverage. You can get an international health insurance quote from Expat Financial and secure your health coverage with one of our large international insurance providers.

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