Living abroad as an expat, global nomad or digital nomad can be a great experience for a few years or even a lifetime. Many people move abroad for work, extended travel or retirement in order to explore new cultures, adapt to new environments and meet diverse peoples, but also for career advancement or for lower taxes and cost of living.

One of the key requirements for your life abroad is international health insurance coverage in order to secure financial well-being, but it also often satisfies visa requirements for some expat destinations. This is where an expat insurance specialist can help, so we have put together the top ten reasons international citizens should buy global healthcare through an expat insurance specialist brokerage.

Here are top ten reasons international citizens should buy global healthcare:

1. Independent Expert Advice at No Cost

Expat Financial and it’s owner get compensated by the insurance companies that we work with, and the premiums are the same regardless of our involvement. We don’t charge you a fee for our assistance, advice and advocacy – it is all free. Most expats and future insured nomads will have many questions that they would rather be answered by an expat insurance specialist with decades of knowledge and experience.

But more importantly, expats want independent advice from an expat insurance broker who works with multiple insurance providers that will recommend global health plans that will meet your unique requirements – something you simply can’t obtain from an employee of the insurance company.

2. Access to Multiple Insurers and Policies

It often makes sense to work with one resource that will provide the top expat insurance providers on one sales platform. An expat insurance broker can work with several expat insurance companies and help recommend the right coverage and insurer for your budget and requirements. This will help you choose the right coverage and insurer that you can keep for the long haul.

3. Advocacy & Support Before and After You Buy International Health Insurance

Expat healthcare can be complex, and when you work directly with the insurer, you at their mercy before and after you purchase. For example, you might get a policy loading, decline or exclusion when applying and having an expat insurance broker at no cost to you can be invaluable in advocating on your behalf and providing a path forward.

After you purchase global health coverage, Expat Financial can be there to advocate on your behalf if you experience service or claims issues, which can occur with any insurer in the market, as no company is perfect. Expat Financial, a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., has helped many expat clients around the globe manage claims and service mistakes, issues and disputes that have often been resolved in the client’s favor. This is perhaps the most important reason for working with an expat insurance specialist.

4. Lower Premiums Through Preferred Pricing and Discounts

As noted above, there is no cost to having us involved on your expat policy, but did you know that we can often secure additional discounts from most of our insurance sources because we have a sizable block of clients and premiums? Most expats can often secure a discount via our expat insurers after getting a quote online and this can definitely come in handy.

For global benefit plans for multinational employers, we have often secured large discounts from insurers that the clients initially contacted directly. Also, we don’t charge consulting fees that are often associated with working with large consulting companies that have huge overheads. Read more about how to lower your expat health insurance premiums.

Note that all premiums, claims and administration are still direct with the insurer, as the last thing we want is an additional step between you and the expat insurer.

5. Continuous Support and Updates

Most expat’s needs evolve as they move from one country to another or even if they stay in the destination country forever. Insurance requirements and rules can change and new products can be available. Expat insurance specialist brokers offer ongoing support, helping you adjust your insurance coverage as your circumstances change.

Expat Financial can help you stay updated on the latest developments in the international insurance industry to provide you with the most relevant information.

6. Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most important reason to work with an expat insurance specialist broker is the peace of mind they offer. Having a dedicated partner who understands your unique situation and is committed to your well-being can significantly reduce the stress associated with living as a global nomad or when offering a global health plan for your expatriate employees. Knowing that you made the right coverage choices on coverage and the insurer based on your needs and budget is invaluable.

7. Expert Advice from an Expat Coverage Expert

Pour company has been in the insurance business since 1997 and in the expat space since 2000, so with that comes a vast amount of experience and knowledge that comes from working with hundreds of expat clients around the globe. This includes large global corporations that have expatriate employees but also individual expatriates and global nomads moving abroad for work, retirement and extended travel abroad.

Expat Insurance is complex, and a local broker who is not a specialist won’t have the experience or knowledge to help you before you purchase or afterwards. The same reason you work with a specialist lawyer, doctor or accountant is the same reason you want to work with an expat insurance specialist over an insurance agent with limited or no knowledge of global requirements.

8. Advice on Health Insurance Requirements for Your Expat Destination Country

Many countries have unique visa requirements that make it necessary to buy global healthcare before you move there and obtain your expat visa. We can help you navigate the complex requirements and recommend the right international health plan for your destination.

We can also make recommendations on coverage based on your future country of residence. For example, if you are moving to a country with limited healthcare facilities, we would suggest you buy a policy that includes medical evacuation. Or if you are an American or living in a country nearby, such as the Caribbean, you buy an international health policy that includes access to medical treatment in the USA.

You also can rest assured that you are working with an expat expert who has written and been interviewed extensively on expat insurance-related topics. You can also check out Expat Financials’ blog and newsletter to keep yourself updated with the latest news and advice.

9. Greater Leverage Over Expat Insurers

If you are working with a local broker or with the insurer directly, you or the local inexperienced broker will have no leverage over the expat insurer or high-level contacts that can be invaluable in a pinch. Expat Financial and its owner have a very large block of group and individual expat insurance premiums and clients that we can bring to bear on your behalf. Don’t be at the mercy of an inexperienced broker or insurance company.

10. Easier to Shop and Buy Expat Health Insurance Coverage

Most people who want to become insured nomads like the fact that they can get a one-stop shop for expat health insurance, but also expat life and disability insurance and even expat investment advice via our partners. Doing all the research and dealing with multiple insurers before you purchase can be exhausting, especially if the individual expat has limited experience in insurance.

Some Final Thoughts for Current & Future Expats

For current and future international citizens and expats, health and financial security are critical. An expat insurance specialist broker can be your trusted ally in ensuring you receive the best possible healthcare wherever you are in the world. With Expat Financial, you get expertise, tailored solutions, global networks, and lifetime policy support and advocacy. This can only be delivered by a specialist, not from your local insurance agent or the insurer directly.

So, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting your journey, consider partnering with an expat insurance specialist broker to safeguard your health and financial future.