Thailand mandates health insurance for expats

It has been recently reported that the Thai government is in the process of mandating mandatory medical health insurance for expatriates living in Thailand. The requirement is targeted for expatriates that are living in Thailand on a one-year non-immigrant visa, with an emphasis on those living in Thailand over the age of 60.

Medical Insurance for Expats in Thailand

Over the past years, it has become increasingly difficult for those living in Thailand over the age of 60 to procure health insurance. There are very few local insurance companies that will cover those in this older demographic, and those few companies that will cover those 60 years and older are demonstrating predominantly expensive premium rates. There are even some foreign plans that will place limits on your global health coverage after age 65 or terminate coverage at age 70. The best plan for older expats & global citizens that our firm has found is the Allianz plan, but we recommend you send us a Custom Global Health Insurance Quote Request & we can send your request to one or two providers who can potentially quote a plan for you. Final coverage is subject to their medical underwriting online

Thailand implements mandatory expats insuranceThe proposed Thai legislation will require expatriates to be covered for the minimum amount of 400,000 ฿ (~ $12,570 USD) of in-patient coverage, and 40,000 ฿ (~ $1,270 USD) for out-patient care. Expatriates that are currently living overseas and meet the minimum required amount of coverage will be exempt from obtaining these Thai insurance policies. Expats living in Thailand are allowed to buy their global health coverage from a foreign insurer.

We do recommend that you check out our Thailand healthcare system page for detailed information on the medical system in this great country.

Mandatory Health Insurance for Expats

These mandates have been derived from several government bodies in Thailand’s government. The process for finalizing these policies are currently in the stages of cabinet approval and is designed to aid and ensure the health protection for long-stay visa holders currently, or soon to be living in Thailand. It is important that expats monitor developments on this policy and make sure that they have adequate health coverage that will meet or exceed the requirements. Really, the requirements set out by the Thai government are extremely low – you have to ask yourself if you want to be covered by a local Thai plan if you are an expatriate versus a much more capable and comprehensive global plan that will cover you in Thailand, but also worldwide including or excluding the USA.

Thailand is a beautiful country and a very popular destination for expatriates from around the world. Medical care can be quite expensive and it is vital that you obtain a comprehensive global health policy for Thailand that will cover you both locally, regionally and globally. This is because you may move to another country or region and you don’t want to re-apply for medical coverage, especially if you develop a pre-existing condition or chronic condition.

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Updated June 19/2020