retiring overseas

Retiring overseas is becoming increasingly popular for more and more citizens around the world. The prospect of retiring to a new country, especially one with great weather, can be extremely exciting for many people. Moving overseas after retirement has always been an aspiration for many expats. South America, Asia and Europe are becoming more and more popular as retirement destinations. There are many things to consider about a permanent move abroad. Probably the most important consideration beyond arranging to receive your Social Security & retirement income payments, international healthcare is the most important as your domestic plans will probably not cover you abroad.

As you get older, health-related needs increase. Even the healthiest people still need medical insurance for minor illness or injuries. Local healthcare plans in some countries may not be available or desirable for people retiring there, especially if the country lacks adequate medical care. This is key if you are retiring a less developed country. If you choose to join a local in-country health plan, your coverage is limited within that country and is reserved for the local inhabitants. Besides, most of the expat retirees will want to seek medical treatment locally and also abroad. They will also want a plan that will cover them traveling around the world and when they visit their families back home.

International health insurance, however, is the safest and most reliable option for long-term global medical care. International health insurance often has different levels of coverage and options, including routine medical care, doctor’s testing, and the most important part – it travels with you from country to country. This is extremely important for expat retirees travel back to home during holiday seasons to visit their family members and friends. The coverage is often comprehensive. Here are three key features of any offshore medical plan for retired expats:

  • Some plans can potentially cover your pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Cover the retire expat globally, especially back home
  • Cover the retired expatriate for life as some plans will limit coverage or benefits after age 65 or 75.

Expat Financial offers several different international health insurance plans for expatriates of almost any nationality across the world. We also offer excellent service before and after you purchase your international health insurance plan. If you have questions about our international medical insurance plans or you want to discuss your needs and produce a customized quote, please contact us or complete the quote form.