Expat Financial offers missionaries from around much of the world international insurance solutions to meet their special requirements. Ministry work abroad is a very rewarding and challenging proposition for those who wish to help people abroad. We can source insurance from a variety of international insurance companies and providers.

We can even offer plans for group and individual insurance plans for missionary workers around the world, including in high-risk zones. Such plans can even cover passive terrorism and war risk.

Missionary Health Plans

We have worked with missionaries and missionary organizations for many years in providing high quality and reasonably priced insurance solutions for missionaries who travel and live overseas.

If your mission organization is sending you on an overseas assignment, make sure that you contact us for a free insurance needs analysis.

Here are some of the international insurance plans can be offered to Missionary Groups and even individual missionaries:

Enjoy peace of mind while on missionary work!

Contact us today for a review of your missionary insurance needs. Feel free to email us your requirements and census data, including any relevant details on your existing policy or insurance needs. For more information, please view our Missionary Insurance Brochure.