Expat assignment

Expat Financial offers a wide array of international insurance plans for expatriates who are living abroad or are about to make the move. Expat Financial, a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., has become a leader in sourcing global insurance plans for Expats around much of the world. With a wide range of international insurance plans available, we’re able to find the perfect plan for your individual needs. We can offer long term medical insurance, short term insurance plans, as well as group plans.

Global Health Insurance Plans for Expatriates 

It is vital to obtain global health coverage if you are moving abroad for a year or more. International and comprehensive coverage will be very important to obtain while living abroad, as many expatriates will no longer be covered once you have relocated from your home country. Comprehensive coverage may include in-patient, out-patient, dental, vision, wellness, medical evacuation and much more. We have many different plan options that you can choose from, depending on your specific requirements.

Short Term Insurance Plans

For people who are going abroad for less than one year, it usually makes sense to obtain a short term emergency only travel medical insurance plan. We some excellent travel medical insurance policies for the following nationalities and requirements:

  • Canadians covered by provincial healthcare going for under one year
  • Citizens who are living outside of the USA and Canada who require short term travel medical
  • Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Coverage

Group Plans for Expats

With our international insurance expertise, we are able to provide excellent information on group and corporate insurance policies. With the added challenges of international boundaries, we are able to simplify the process of obtaining the perfect insurance coverage. We are able to find plans for a wide array of nationalities and other specific requirements.