International Insurance

Why We Are the First Choice For International Insurance:

At Expat Financial, we feel it is of the utmost importance that our clients are given options in coverage to ensure they are exceptionally covered at the best possible rate. We know it’s a difficult process finding the correct organization and experiencing the way toward finding out about what they bring to the table and how their items measure up to a contending office. We suggest as a matter of first importance finding a trustworthy supplier of expat protection. Along these lines, you’ll have significantly less to stress over regarding whether you’re getting the best cost or purchasing the best plan for your needs.

At Expat Financial, we serve the worldwide community with quality international insurance, expat disability, life insurance protection, uncommon hazard protection, travel protection and group insurance for corporate applicants. Make us your first call the moment you discover your need for international insurance and we’ll be there every step of the way.

Are you looking at individual international insurance? You may find, like a lot of our other clients, that our Cigna Global Health Options Plan is the best option. This is a complete arrangement that can be altered to better address your issues for single individual or family coverage while you are living or working out of the country. One of the things we love best about the Cigna plan is that it is highly flexible and customizable, so that we can offer it to clients in a wide range of budgets and feel assured it will meet their needs.

If you’d like to speak with one of our agents about this plan, feel free to give us a call. Our knowledgeable agents are able to assess your needs and recommend the best plan to meet those needs, then work with your budget to find you a great rate. Our Cigna international insurance accompanies various discretionary advantages that incorporate dental and vision, universal therapeutic evac and repatriation, out-patient care, discretionary restorative treatment in the USA, and ongoing well-being care, including screening, testing, exams and a couple of extra administrations. Visit our website to see the core coverage for this plan. Inpatient coverage is quite generous and includes full hospital coverage and day patient care, extensive cancer coverage, extensive psychiatric coverage, parent & baby care, and much more.

Expats can apply for the Cigna plan through our website simply by clicking on the red ‘Get Quote’ button on the Cigna data page on our webpage; at that point you’ll be associated with the Cigna application page where you can apply directly over the Web. Don’t hesitate to contact our office straightforwardly in the event that you require any help en route. We’re here to answer questions, enable you to better comprehend your choices, and decide the best scope of international insurance for your individual situation. Our Cigna plan is considered the ‘gold standard’ of global health insurance- and it’s easy to see why.