International Health Insurance

Tips For Choosing the Right International Health Insurance:

Above all, don’t overpay for your international health insurance. It can seem like a challenging task finding the right company and undergoing the process of learning about what they have to offer and how their products measure up to a competing agency. We recommend first and foremost finding a reputable provider of expat insurance. In this way, you’ll have a lot less to worry about in terms of whether you’re getting the best price or looking at the best product.

At Expat Financial, we serve the global community with affordable international health insurance, expat disability, life insurance, special risk insurance, travel insurance and group insurance. Be sure to give one of our agents a call the moment you find you’re in need of coverage. We’ll help you find a great rate that fits your needs and budget.

If you’re looking into individual international health insurance, our Cigna Global Health Options Plan may be the best option. This is a comprehensive plan that is able to be customized to better meet your needs for single person or family coverage while you are living or working abroad. We love providing this plan because it’s able to meet the needs of our clients through a broad range of budgets. This plan can provide you with access to more than 900,000 hospitals, clinics and medical practitioners and since they are one of the largest health insurance companies, globally, they’re able to offer a great rate. We offer this coverage in three levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Why not give one of our agents a call to discuss your coverage needs? Don’t forget to ask about the Cigna plan. We’ll be happy to provide you with a fast and free quote for Cigna coverage, however it should be noted that local nationals residing in their country of citizenship are ineligible to purchase this plan, with few exceptions.

Our Cigna international health insurance coverage comes with multiple optional benefits that include dental and vision, international medical evac and repatriation, out-patient care, optional medical treatment in the USA coverage, and well-being care, including screening, testing, exams and a few additional services. Feel free to visit our website to see a full list of what is covered under this Cigna plan. We feel confident that it’s able to meet the needs of most of our clients who are looking for exceptional coverage at an affordable price.

If you’re an expatriate, you can apply for our Cigna coverage. Your application will be subject to final approval by Cigna. Click the ‘Get Quote’ button on the Cigna information page on our site and you’ll receive a quote for coverage; then you’ll be connected to the Cigna application page where you can apply online if you wish. Feel free to contact our office directly if you need any assistance along the way. We’re here to answer questions, help you better understand your options, and determine the best coverage for your needs.