1. APPLY DIRECTLY ONLINE using lower frame’s secure server or directly at IMG  OR

  2. PRINT THE COMPLETE Global Medical Insurance Application & COMPLETE IN IT’S ENTIRETY and fax, post or courier to our office.


  1. Print or type each name as you want it to appear on your Identification Card(s).
  2. Provide the complete address of your residence outside the US and any US mail forwarding address.
  3. All Applications must be fully completed, signed and dated to be considered. Questions answered YES in Section 3 must include treatment date, name, address and telephone number of attending physician, diagnosis, prognosis, and present course of treatment. (If additional space is necessary, please use the space provided in the Additional Information Section 7.)
  4. Annual premiums may be paid by check, money order, VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards. IMG will not accept checks or money orders for quarterly or semi-annual payment modes. These payment modes are only accepted with pre-authorization to debit your credit card on the due date of your premium installment.
  5. An optional $25 fee may be paid in addition to the premium to have your Certificate expressed mailed to you after approval.

When IMG receives your completed application with premium we will process it as quickly as possible. Once accepted, you or Expat Financial will be mailed a kit which includes an IMG identification card, certificate of insurance, claim filing information, claim and overseas benefit forms. You will also receive a complete description of benefits, exclusions and terms of the plan. (If your application is not accepted, you will receive a full refund of premium.) For additional information, please contact Expat Financial. The completed original application can be sent to Expat Financial or to IMG.

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Print IMG Global Medical Insurance Application in Adobe Reader Format

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