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Frequently Asked Questions from Expatriates on International Health Insurance

We are often asked questions from potential and current clients from around the world who are moving abroad or are already living overseas. We have tried to compile as many questions and answers as possible for future and current expatriates who require a global medical insurance plan. It is vital that you obtain a global medical insurance plan if you are moving abroad as an unfunded medical claim can be quite ruinous. A global medical insurance plan is also vital for you and your family’s health and well being. Please click on our list of global medical insurance FAQs for detailed answers today.

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Global Medical Insurance FAQs

What is Global Medical Insurance?

How does international health insurance work? 

How does international health insurance work for expats?

What is a deductible?

What are Expat Health Plan Limits and Why are they Important?

What is coinsurance? A: Coinsurance is the percentage that you pay after the deductible has been satisfied in a given policy year. An example of this would be where you pay 10% of a claim to a pre-set maximum. Co-insurance means you are taking on some of the risks and thereby reducing your premiums.

Why do you need expat health insurance coverage? 

What is International Health Insurance?

Why is Expat Health Insurance so Important? 

Which Medical Insurance Providers does Expat Financial Offer?

What is wellness coverage for expats? A: Yes, most global health plans that we offer from large and secure global medical companies will provide an option to cover wellness-related expenses, such as check-ups, pap smears and much more.

Why Should I Obtain Global Medical Insurance? 

Should I Get Travel Insurance or Global Medical Insurance? A: Generally, if you are losing your health coverage back home and you are travelling for a year or more, you should get a global health insurance policy.

Do Your Company offer Group Plans? A: Yes we do offer group expatriate medical plans to companies with 2 or more expatriate employees in most circumstances depending on a range of factors, such as company overall size and the domicile of the policy and general availability of the coverage from the numerous suppliers we work with. If we can’t assist, we have access to a large network of brokers that we work jointly with. Expat Financial, a division of TFG Global, is a leading source for expatriate employers! Contact us to discuss your organization’s requirements.

What is a Pre-existing Condition? 

What is Maternity Coverage for Expats Like? 

How do I Obtain a Quote for Global Health Insurance?

What is Medical Evacuation Coverage for Expats? 

Do you have a List of Hospitals for Expatriates? A: Once you become a client of one of the insurers we work with, you will gain access to their large list of in-network providers around the world. But we have also put together a list of international hospitals by region.

How do I Choose Between a Local or Global Health Insurance Plan? 

What is Out-Patient Medical Coverage for Expats Cover?

How do I Apply for Global Medical Insurance?

Does it cost me more to buy through Expat Financial? A: No – you are charged the same rates for international insurance if you purchase via our site and firm. Coverage is also the same and premiums are payable directly to the insurance provider you choose. Day to day communications and claims etc… are direct with the insurer. You do get our added service, advice and advocacy both before and after your purchase online or offline.

How do I Choose the Best International Health Insurance Provider? 

Are Your International Health Insurance Plans Renewable? A: Yes, all the global medical plans we offer are renewable without medical evidence. Most plans are not renewable if you move back to your home country and live there for more than 6 months. It makes sense to examine the plan terms before you apply online or contact us to discuss your requirements. Learn more.

How are global medical insurance premiums paid? A: Most providers allow expatriates to pay annually, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. By paying annually, you can save 5 to 10% on your premiums over paying monthly.

Can my global medical plan cover vaccinations? 

What is the best global medical insurance plan?

How long before moving abroad can I purchase global medical coverage? A: Generally, you can apply up to 30 or 45 days before you move abroad.

I have already moved abroad, can I buy international health insurance? A: Yes you can purchase expat medical coverage if you have already move abroad.

What is the best health insurance for a family during long-term international travel?

How to Choose the Best International Health Insurance Plans

How do I save money on international health insurance premiums?

What is the difference between travel insurance and international health insurance?

Why Choose a Cigna Global Health Options Plan via Expat Financial?

Can International Health Plans Cover Expats for Life?

We hope that the above questions and answers are helpful to you if you are an expat in need of a global medical plan to secure your future life abroad. The above questions and answers are also helpful for global mobility managers who require international coverage for their expatriate employees. Please contact us to learn more.