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Frequently Asked Insurance Questions from Expats and People Moving Abroad?

We have compiled a list of questions that expatriates often ask our firm on expat insurance-related issues and concerns. Expatriate and international insurance is often frustrating for people and we wanted to compile as many questions and answers on this FAQs page. If you have a question that you think we should answer, please contact us today. Some of the questions are answered below or link to a separate page as the answers are quite detailed.

Global Medical Insurance Questions:

Because there are so many questions and answers on global medical insurance coverage, we have compiled all the FAQs on one page. To learn more, click HERE.

General Expat Insurance Questions:

  1. What is an expat?
  2. What is expat insurance?
  3. Do I need expat insurance? A: More often than not, yes. It really depends on your existing coverage and will it still cover you abroad as an expatriate. Many domestic life insurance contracts will continue if you live abroad, but most domestic health plans will only cover you in your home country and will offer little or no coverage when you move abroad permanently or even for short periods.
  4. Does Expat Financial charge a fee to individual expatriates? A: No, we are paid by the insurance company or provider and the premiums are the same regardless. Plus you get our added advice and service before and after your purchase. This includes our independent advocacy if you have any problems in dealing with the insurer.
  5. Is Expat Financial an insurance company? A: No, we are a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., which is a well-established and experienced global insurance brokerage which works with individual expatriates and expat employers to source global medical, life and disability insurance coverage. We also source business travel, special risk, and evacuation insurance.
  6. Does Expat Financial offer many different insurance company plans? A: Yes, we have access to many different insurance companies from around the world. We usually recommend one or two different insurance firms depending on your circumstances and needs.
  7. Who do I pay the premiums to? A: All insurance premiums are paid directly to the insurance company you choose for your added protection. Most of the companies we service will allow you to pay the premium by credit card, wire, cheque and bank debit. You can usually pay in a variety of currencies.
  8. Can I obtain coverage after I have left my country of origin? A: Yes, some plans will even cover you either shortly before you leave or can even cover you in your country of residence.
  9. Can Expat Financial provide coverage to local citizens? Yes, in many areas throughout the world for health or travel insurance, especially in less developed countries. Contact us to see if we can arrange coverage for you. Expatriate life and disability insurance is only available to citizens who live outside the country for which they hold a passport.
  10. How do I obtain a quote? Simply go to the Quote Page for individual quotes. Corporations can go to the bottom of the Group Insurance Page. Feel free to check out the Contact Page.
  11. What is the best international health insurance for global nomads? 

International Major Medical Insurance

Expat Disability Insurance Questions

Is it possible to obtain long-term disability coverage as an expat? A: Yes, it is possible, but there are only a few insurance providers that can cover individual expatriates living abroad and generally only for white-collar occupations, but there are some exceptions.

What does expatriate disability insurance cover? A: Well that can’t be detailed in a short answer as you must refer to the plan terms and conditions. However, the best expat disability plan for individual expats is offered from our William Russell Limited provider and the plan terms can be downloaded via our Expat Disability page:

Expat Life Insurance Questions

Can I buy expat life insurance online? A: Not with our firm as the plans are not presently sold online. You have to contact us to see if you are eligible and we can then forward a quote if you provide us with your occupation, name, date of birth, citizenship, how much coverage is required and where do you live.

Why do I need expat life insurance? A: Most people purchase expat life coverage because their family members depend on their income or have liabilities, such as mortgages and loans. Life insurance is a vital component of any financial plan, especially for expatriates. We recommend that you get a quote for expat life coverage and also review your global life insurance needs based on your income and liabilities.

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