Expatriate Health Insurance

Why Trust Expat Financial With Your Expatriate Health Insurance:

When it comes to obtaining great coverage, it can be a real challenge choosing the right agency to work with. At Expat Financial, we believe our agents are the most knowledgeable and helpful associates in the industry- but we’re a little biased in our thinking. Our mindset probably comes from the scores of emails and communications we receive from our customers who tell us we offer a superior product as compared with what is our there. We strive to provide our customers with better coverage at a lower cost- and exceptional customer service as a foundation to finding the right plan to fit the budget.

We’re proud to offer both corporate and individual expatriate health insurance coverage from top benefit providers:

For Corporate Insurance:

If you have employees who frequently travel outside of their country of residence, we can help you find affordable group coverage that can even extend to pleasure travel for your employees’ families. For corporations that operate in high risk countries, like Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, or Yemen, we can provide full coverage for war and terrorism risks. Expat group insurance plans are available to your company with three or more employees working outside of their country of residence. See us online to learn about our international insurance counseling services, emergency evacuation plans, group pension plans, and more.

For Individual Insurance:

Our Cigna Expatriate health Insurance plan is our most popular choice by customers and one that is able to meet the needs of a wide range of expats. It’s not our only option but is certainly the one we’ll explore before looking at other plans due to its ability to provide great coverage at an affordable cost. We’re also able to provide options to our customers for international life insurance, expat disability insurance, international travel insurance, and emergency medical evacuation. For a quote or for more information on the Cigna plan, click the red ‘Get Quoted’ button on our website or make a call to one of our agents now.

Click our ‘Coverage Regions’ link to see why we are trusted and respected by clients across the globe. There’s practically no place in the world we are not able to assist you in obtaining coverage- and our support is second to none. We make it easy to get connected with our agency for any reason, and we provide numerous ways for you to do so. Call an agent any time within North America at 800-232-9415, or outside of North America at 604-628-0426. Chat Live with an agent over our website or send your questions in the form of an email to info@tfgglobal.com. You’ll find us to be a highly responsive agency when it comes to communications. Your search for affordable expatriate health insurance ends here, at Expat Financial. You simply won’t find better coverage at a lower price regardless of where you look online.