International Employee Assistant Programs for Expat Employers

Expatriates who are posted abroad by international employers are often faced with personal and work challenges that can’t be met by a global medical insurance plan. Expat assignments are often very stressful for employees and their dependents. A new city, culture and being far away from family supports can lead to personal issues that can cause an employee to repatriate home, which is very costly for any expatriate employer. Expat Financial can source International Employee Assistance Programs (IEAP) from well-known international insurance companies that provide international health insurance coverage to expat employees around the world.

International Employee Assistance Programs

An Employee Assistance Program provided by a global insurance company can give your employees a way to deal with personal and even work related issues that will impact their performance and employee moral.  With an IEAP, employees can have telephone access to trained counselors 24 hours a day as well as in-person access if necessary. Expat Financial can search the market for international group insurance plans that can offer employee assistance coverage and services.

What is Expatriate EAP?

Global expatriate EAP is a program that is often added to international benefit plans that provide confidential counselling and support that assists the psychological wellbeing & health of your workforce worldwide. It can also assist in regional and even local support for workplace problems and stress along with referrals to support services for your global workforce.

What do Expat Employee Assistance Programs Offer?

Here is a short listing of some of the services that are offered by many international EAP systems with the insurers we work with on a remote basis – usually via chat, phone or video:

  • Health coaching & nutrition support
  • Financial, career, and legal issues
  • Family support – including assisting children and relationship with your partner
  • Work habits
  • Assist in dealing with coworkers and your leaders
  • Cultural & mental challenges faced by expatriates on assignment

Levels of International Employee Assistance Program coverage

Level 1: Telephonic counselling

Level 2: Telephonic and Face-to-Face Support

Level 3: Telephonic and Face-to-Face with legal, financial and child/elder support

Note that the level of coverage will vary from one insurance company to another.

Benefits of an International Employee Assistance Program

An international employee assistance program can be an important part of your international group insurance policy. It can offer the following benefits for the organization and employees:

  • Immediate Assistance – employees can access instant and professional assistance 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.
  • Confidentiality – expat employees will be able to access help from a third party provider which will provide confidential support for sensitive issues at work or at home
  • Help Retain Employees – expat assignments can be very stressful for employees and their dependents and the loss of an expat employee can cost an organization hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Avoid Escalation – An EAP can help diffuse work and personal related stress that can build up for an expat employee and possibly avoid conflict
  • Improve Productivity and Reduce Employee Absence – an EAP can help maintain a productive workplace.

Contact Expat Financial for more information on implementing a global employee assistance program for your international employees.