Expat Kids

Tips on Helping Expat Kids for Life Abroad

When relocating abroad with children, you need to be prepared and help them to overcome all kinds of obstacles. They are missing their best friends, most favourite TV shows, sports teams and teachers. The emotional attachment can make the transition much harder than we expected. Exposed to completely new and exiting cultures and experiences, expat parents want to make sure that their children can enjoy the new surroundings.

Face the Obstacles Together 

As adult expats you are extremely busy with your own adjustment process regarding professional and social life. But it is important to give your children the chance to ask the questions they may have. Answer all the questions with patience. Don’t ignore them and loose their trust. Help them feel safe by discussing possible situations you may encounter in the new country. Create a sense of excitement and adventure by researching extracurricular activities your children might want to participate in your host country, such as sports teams, dance clubs, music sessions or volunteering. These activities will help your children get involved in the new community and develop a feeling of belonging.

Language Barrier 

Most of the expat children can learn a second language at ease in a early age. Expat parents should prepare their kids for possible language barriers by hiring language tutors or getting lessons. Encourage your children to make new friends at school, while letting them spend some time with their best friends in home country through phone or social media. Allow their friends to come round before you leave, organize a leaving party if possible.

Regardless of the age of your children, it is crucial that throughout the process to the move abroad that you continually focus on the positive aspects of relocating to a new country, even if you are experiencing doubts.

Don’t forget Global Health Insurance Cover for you and your kids

Expat Financial offers a wide range of expatriate health insurance plans designed specifically for expatriates of most nationalities around much of the world. Our expat health insurance plans can also cover local nationals where conditions permit. The expat health plans we offer can also cover your children at little or with some plans at no cost up to age 9. It is crucial for every expat family to take the necessary action to ensure that their spouse and children’s health and well-being are protected and provided for via an appropriate level of expat insurance.

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