Expat Health Insurance in China

The health insurance industry in China has been developing rapidly over the past twenty years. The national standard of living and the health care facilities have also been significantly improved. Due to its economic and social reforms, urban areas in China have experienced higher living standards and the population of expatriates in China also kept up with the changes.

Healthcare Today in China

The healthcare system in China heavily dependent on the location and resources. In urban areas such as Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai, hospitals and medical facilities have high-end equipment. Whereas in rural areas and villages, healthcare centres only have the very basic equipment and facilities. Facing with the challenges of insufficient medical resources, China has been implementing healthcare reform in the past ten years including infrastructure development and new investment. These medical reforms will significantly improve the operation in hospitals, healthcare insurance, and encourage new investment opportunities within healthcare sector.

Public Hospitals and Private Clinics

Most hospitals in China in are Mandarin based. Only a few of them at major cities might have English language services. Public hospitals in cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai are able to provide comprehensive health services, including medical education and regional research. Some of them have specialist health services and scientific research. However, these types of public hospitals are all very busy and crowded. This is because they don’t take appointments in advance. Expats who want to receive treatment from public hospitals in China must wait in line, register and pay the registration fee each time at the reception desk. Further more, most public hospitals in China will not accept expat medical insurance. This way, you will have to deposit medical cost prior to receive any treatment and reimburse from your insurance company later.

Therefore, due to the inconsistency and inconvenience, public hospitals are not generally used by expats. Another option could be joint venture medical facilities and private clinics. These joint venture hospitals can be foreign-run in China. They usually have the standard up to date with Western style, and medical staff are usually have received international training. Language won’t be an issue. However, medical treatment in these hospitals can be very expensive and not cheaper than hospitals in US or Western Europe. Fortunately the international and private clinics are more likely to accept expat health insurance from abroad. Therefore, it is very important for you to make sure that you are covered by expat health insurance.

A female nurse is at work at the hospital. She is wearing her scrubs and is smiling while looking at the camera.

Health Claim Costs are Increasing in China 

It has been reported by our clients in China and global medical insurers operating there that the medical costs of China have been increasing rapidly. The dramatic increase in wealthy individuals in China who prefer to obtain private medical treatment has meant that health costs for expatriates has also increased at a rapid pace. It really a matter of supply and demand and health claims for the insurers with expats in China will continue to increase.

Why Expat Health Insurance Is A Must? 

If you plan to stay in China to work and live for some time, it is strongly suggested that you should obtain quality expat health insurance before departure. Though China is implementing healthcare reforms these years, medical facilities in many areas are very basic. Even in many major cities that satisfactory healthcare in public hospitals for expats are available, the method of payment and the quality of medical treatment may be inadequate. For the popular choice of foreign-run hospitals, expats are usually required to make payment in advance before receiving medical treatment. It can be very expensive for emergency treatment and medications in most of the international hospitals.

With a comprehensive expat health insurance plan, you are covered for medical expenses, hospitalization and treatments, medicines and emergency evacuations – which are all you need to stay in China. If you are going for a short visit to China, then most people will purchase travel medical insurance for up to one year. Some Chinese embassies require proof of health insurance before issuing visas especially if you are a foreign student. If you are planning to reside in China, it is critical that you purchase international health insurance plan that will not only cover you in China, but globally as well.

Expat Financial offers several different international health insurance plans for expatriates of any nationality across the world. We also offer excellent service before and after you purchase your international health insurance plan. Our firm is also very experienced in sourcing group plans for multinational firms with expats in China.  If you have questions about our international medical insurance plans or you want to discuss your needs and produce a customized quote, please contact us or complete the quote form