Cigna International Affordable Care Act Quote Request Page

Expat Financial provides the Cigna ACA Global Health Plan for select expatriates who require and qualify for PPACA Obama Care compliant coverage that will provide international coverage including the USA. This Minimum & Essential Coverage (MEC) is provided by Cigna International and delivers a very comprehensive global health solution to:

  • US Nationals residing out of the U.S. (Outbound)
  • Non-US Nationals residing in the U.S. under an eligible visa or green card (Inbound)

More information is found on our Cigna PPACA Policy page.

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Special Notice: All information is kept strictly confidential and can’t be resold. Note that we may need to send the information you provide to an insurance company underwriter(s) to properly underwrite the insurance request and policy. Please view our Privacy Statement. Note that we reserve the right to refuse to provide a quote. Please note that you may wish to take individual legal, tax &/or financial advice to determine if the provisions of PPACA apply to you and whether this policy is suitable for the needs of you and your family. We are unable to provide any legal, tax or financial advice on this policy. Cigna reserves the right to determine if you are eligible for their policy.