Working as a charity employee overseas is a rewarding and life changing opportunity. Using your passion, your knowledge, and your compassion to make a big difference to others who live abroad. However,  charity working tasks can be both mentally and physically demanding. A charity employee working overseas may face some unexpected risks, especially in some developing countries. Unlike other expatriates and travelers, charity workers traveling to various locations will face much more complicated risk situations and must take steps to mitigate the risks.

Some of the most important insurance coverage that a charity worker must obtain before moving abroad: 

International Health Insurance 

Many charity workers might have local medical insurance plans in their home country. However, these local healthcare plans do not travel with you when you are on the road to start a charity worker trip. Most charity group will provide Group International Healthcare Insurance for their employees. If you are travel alone, on a short-term or long-term charity trip, we can offer emergency travel insurance plans and Individual International Health Insurance.

Emergency Medical Evacuation 

If residing in a country with limited medical services, it is a critical part that charity workers abroad should obtain medical coverage with emergency medical evacuation. However, even in developed countries, emergency medical evacuation may still be required. Some emergency situations require being evacuated to another country, or your home country, to receive appropriate proper medical treatment.

Most expatriate health insurance plans will provide emergency evacuation and repatriation as an option or include it as a standard benefit. For companies operating in hazardous or high risk countries, Expat Financial can offer security evacuation plans that can also cover disaster evacuations for charity employees overseas. We can also quote plans that cover war and terrorism risks. Please contact us today and get a quote.

Dental Coverage

Dental treatment is incredibly costly in most countries. There are three main types of dental plan: regular dental care, large dental operations and orthodontics. Expat Financial can provide global dental coverage as part of your global medical package.

Kidnap & Ransom 

Kidnap and Ransom is often referred to as K&R insurance and is used to protect organizations against the significant loss that can occur if a charity employee is detained or taken for ransom or extortion. The K&R insurer will be contacted by the family or charity organization so that the insurer’s highly experienced professionals can assist in the release of the kidnapped charity employee. 

Expat Financial can help expatriates, NGO workers and their employers source global Kidnap & Ransom insurance coverage after examining your risk profile. Coverage is often recommended if an expatriate employee and his or her family are being posted to countries where kidnap risks are high – such as Mexico, Colombia, Afghanistan, parts of Africa and Central/South America.

Get International Health Insurance From Expat Financial 

As  expat insurance specialists, we can help you define your charity  worker insurance requirements. We offer independent advice, solutions and ongoing service and support to clients around much of the world. Our firm is very experienced in sourcing plans from large and secure global insurance companies. For more information, please view our International Insurance For Aid Groups and NGOs Brochure.

Contact Expat Financial today if your charity group has gone global. Such plans have options for life, AD&D and dental insurance. Contact us today to discuss your international charity worker’s insurance needs and obtain quotes from the market. We are also able to offer a wide array of individual plans for charity workers who work and reside overseas.