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Five tips for a successful study abroad

Students from all over the world want to experience traveling and studying abroad – to visit a new place, try the authentic local cuisine, meet new people and become fluent in another language. Others want to take advantage of education opportunities, course and experiences that only a foreign university can offer. But how do you […]

How does your company insure older expat employees?

How does your company insure older expat employees?  Has your company looked into how it’s expat benefit plan covers your older expatriate employees? It’s a question worth asking. Expat employers are often relying upon older employees for expatriate positions that need to be filled by often senior level executives or specialized employees who’s skills require […]

Top 10 tips for expat women living abroad

Many expat women living and working in a foreign country face unique challenges that include physical well-being, common illness and health care issues. In this article, we will discuss ten health & safety tips to prepare for your new life abroad. At Expat Financial, we are want to share our expat knowledge that includes providing […]