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Cashback offer for new Cigna international health plans in August 2016

For a limited time, you can get up to $250 cash back into your policy account if you purchase a Cigna Global Individual Private Medical Insurance Policy within the promotional period of 1st Aug 2016 – 31st Aug 2016. More details are provided once you apply and are approved within the month of August 2016. The Cigna global medical insurance offers excellent global coverage for expatriates.

How does Cashback Offer Work?

To claim up to $250 USD or equivalent, you simply need to wait 90 days after your purchase date with the date Cigna received payment for your policy counting as day 1. You can then complete the online claim form no later than 12 days from the day Cigna receives payment for your international health insurance policy approved and applied for in August 2016. Receive your cash back directly into your payment account. The cashback offer is dependent on the premium paid and is payable in the eligible policy currency – USD, Euro or GBP. The cashback is only payable to the customer directly by Cigna, and the offer is as per their policy terms, and the annual premium has to be at least $1,000 USD.

Why use Cigna Expat Health Coverage? 

Cigna is the largest International Medical insurance company in the world and they have over 1 Million providers as part of their global medical network. The difference with Cigna is that they will allow you to use any hospital or provider of your own choice, even if it is outside of their network. Cigna aims to pay claims directly with the Hospital or Doctor. For more information on why you should choose the Cigna Global Health Options plan.

How to Apply?

You can obtain detailed policy information, obtain a quote and even apply online by visiting our Cigna International Health Insurance page