5 Reasons Expats Don’t Buy Global Medical Insurance

Learn Why Global Citizens Don’t Buy Global Medical Insurance

Many global citizens do not buy global medical insurance when living abroad. In this article, we will note what they don’t buy global medical insurance and why they should buy it. We hope that you will find it informative to learn the benefits of global medical insurance.

5 Reasons Why Expats Don’t Buy International Health Insurance Plans

Here are some reasons that many expatriates and international citizens list as to why they don’t buy global medical coverage & our response on why you should get covered when living abroad:

1. It’s too Expensive

Actually, it is not too expensive depending on the plan you choose. You can increase your deductible or pay annually to save quite a bit in premiums. Most global health plans have more basic coverage levels to also save expats money. You can check out our previous article on saving money on your international health insurance.

2. I’m Healthy & Don’t Need Global Medical Insurancebuy global medical insurance

Well, if you are in very poor health, then you probably can’t qualify for global medical insurance. You buy global health coverage before you become unhealthy so it is there to pay large and small medical bills that could bankrupt you. It also can help provide preventive medical care that can keep you healthy and avoid more serious medical problems. Everyone is healthy until they are not, so buy global health insurance from Expat Financial.

3. I Can Get Local Health Coverage

Many expatriate countries do provide coverage to expatriates, but you have to ask yourself these questions:

  • What if I move to another country, that coverage will be lost. Expats are often globally mobile and will move from one country to another.
  • Local plans won’t cover you back home
  • The plans may be deficient, especially in developing countries
  • Local plans may not be available for expatriates
  • They are only made for locals, not expatriates
  • You may want to be able to get medical treatment outside your country of residence, especially if medical facilities in your expat destination are substandard

buy global medical insurance

It is almost never too late to buy global medical coverage when you are an international citizen, assuming you are in good health. Many of our clients who buy global health plans from our various insurance company providers are already abroad and have not purchased a plan for various reasons. You can still get a quote and apply for an international health insurance plan via our site and see if you can be approved. Once you have coverage, you can move the risk from your shoulders to the insurance company.

4. I Can Use Travel Insurance Instead of Global Medical Coverage

We often hear this excuse from expatriates who have used travel insurance instead of global medical, but this has some big risks because of the following points:

  1. Travel insurance plans won’t cover you back in your home country
  2. Furthermore, it can only cover you for a set time period, usually under 1 year. They are not meant for expat life.
  3. Travel medical plans are emergency only and often require you to go back home once stable
  4. Especially for Canadians, travel insurance plans require you to have domestic health coverage back in your home country, which is often cut off once you are an expat.
  5. Travel insurance plans are very basic and are definitely not a replacement for a quality global medical insurance plan via Expat Financial.

buy global medical insurance

5. I Have a Pre-existing Medical Condition and I Can’t Get Coverage

Many global medical plans that we offer via Expat Financial can cover some pre-existing conditions for individual expatriates or cover them with a loading. But even if the insurance provider excludes a pre-existing condition, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t proceed with the policy. Also, we offer a plan from Expatriate Group that can cover people declined by other plans as they have no medical underwriting and all pre-existing medical conditions are excluded.

Whatever Your Reason for Not Getting Global Medical Coverage, You Can & Should Get Covered

No matter why you have not purchased global medical coverage, it is considered by many international citizens and especially those who have become ill or become injured abroad, that buying global medical coverage is vital when living abroad. We all have our reasons for not getting coverage or the right medical coverage while living abroad. That’s ok, but we hope that after reading this article you will get a quote and purchase a plan online.

We have been covering a lot of expatriates who are purchasing global health coverage because of the COVID-19 pandemic or switching to one of our providers who don’t exclude COVID-19. You can even contact us to discuss your current coverage and requirements. There is no cost for our advice and services before and after you buy it. You get the same coverage, rates and direct service from the insurers.

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