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Expat Parenting – Are you ready to adjust to family life abroad?

According to the most recent HSBC expat explorer survey, Singapore has topped the best expatriate destinations for the second year. This is not only because of its financial rewards to expatriates workers and good business environment, but also the high quality of education for children as 75 percent say. In today’s world, expatriates are placing more attention on supporting family life and children’s educational environment overseas. In this article, we will discuss expat parenting abroad.

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10 tips for a successful business travel to China

Let us say that your company is planning to enter the Asian market and you’ve selected as the key person to lead a first business trip to China. What do you need to know? In this article, we offer practical advice on 10 tips for a successful business trip to China, including business manners in […]

Risk profile

Going to a conflict zone? Get special risk insurance coverage

Unfortunately, we live in a world that has many regions and countries where war and terrorism are commonplace. Nearly all mainstream travel medical insurance and expat health policies have restrictions on claims that are the result of war, terrorism, riots and civil strife. Some others will exclude coverage in well known high-risk countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Most people will not travel to such countries for pleasure, though that has been the case in Afghanistan recently where the Taliban attacked some “adventure tourists.” In general, people are travelling to high-risk countries for the following reasons:

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