Expat Healthcare in France and the ‘mutuelle’ system

Working in France yields many benefits when it comes to health insurance. The government-run healthcare program deducts contributions directly from salaries and reimburses patients usually 70 percent of their medical costs. Although this is great news for expats, many residents and expats alike tend to rely on an extended insurance policy known as a mutuelle.

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A mutuelle’s intended purpose is to fill the 30 percent gap left behind from the government-funded health program, but depending on the mutuelle you choose, you may be entitled to additional coverage. There is also an additional program for people who are within
a certain income bracket called the CMU complémentaire. This program covers the remaining 30 percent that reimbursements do not.

Most residents in France who have employment will pay into the social security plan will get access to the medical system. Students in most Universities in France will also get coverage there. European nationals can also apply for state healthcare once they become residents.

Keep in mind that the state does not cover costs incurred by psychologists, psychoanalysts, osteopaths, or chiropractors, nor does it cover any additional surplus fees which private practitioners may charge on top of the state fee. If you require this or other chronic care, it is in your best interest to find a mutuelle that suits you. Expat Financial can also source private international health insurance plans for expatriates in France. An expatriate may want a medical plan that will cover him or her globally. This is especially important for American expatriates in European countries such as France.

Why do you need expat health insurance when living and working abroad?

Many expats may wonder why they need international health insurance when living abroad. In fact, as a foreign national, you and your family will most likely not be covered by free healthcare in the country where you are residing. Despite that the overall quality varies from country to country, you need to also consider hospital coverage, outpatient treatment, assistance and evacuation charge, as well as dental care, accidental death and invalidity or life coverage. After all, the peace of mind of knowing that you and your family have access to the best healthcare is very important. Therefore, you need to create tailored expatriate health insurance that meets your unique requirements.

Some expats will rely upon the local health schemes because of the low cost, but that plan may not allow you to obtain medical treatment at more satisfactory private clinics and hospitals. Local plans will also not provide medical coverage while you are travelling out of the country or when you go back home. Also, local plans in many developed countries may only provide fundamental medical coverage that may not be suitable for most expats.

Part of maintaining your health overseas means that you need to have medical coverage that will provide access to first world medical care that will help you address medical problems before they become serious medical issues. A global medical plan can include prescription drug coverage that will also help you or your loved ones maintain their health. Vaccination coverage is also important if you are residing in areas where diseases are more common and are especially critical if you have young children. This is why obtaining an out-patient medical option is a good idea if you and your family will be living overseas.

An expatriate health insurance plan can let you select the hospital, doctor or another medical service provider that best suits your needs. The policy is flexible and worldwide. Expat Financial and its insurance partners have an extensive network of medical service providers in almost every country in the world. With most of our insurers, you will enjoy direct payment, which means that you may not have to advance your medical expenses first. Choosing an expat medical provider with a large global medical network and the ability to provide a guarantee of payment is important.

While this article has mostly dealt with the critical nature of global medical coverage for individual expats, the same issues exist for expatriate employers who send employees overseas. An expat employer is legally responsible for their expat employees, and healthcare is a critical feature of any expat package. A plan that will provide excellent medical coverage for the expat employee and his or her family is vital, and an international group insurance plan can provide better coverage and premiums for the employer versus having the employee purchase his or her plan. A high-quality group plan will also help expat employers retain and attract employees.

The cost of international health insurance will vary by plan. Expat Financial offers several different international health insurance plans for expatriates of any nationality across the world. We also offer excellent service before and after you purchase your international health insurance plan. If you have questions about our international medical insurance plans or if you want to discuss your needs and produce a customized quote, please contact us or complete the quote form. As noted above, having excellent global medical coverage will not only give you peace of mind but will help you maintain your health!