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FAKE Job Emails

It came to our attention August 18th/2006 that many people have received a fake job offer email from a bogus web site,, & & several others that maliciously and illegally copied the entire web site of to this new web site purchased with a stolen credit card. These fake web sites are either shut down or are in the process of being shut down and the police have been notified. The bogus web sites are in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and constitutes copyright infringement. Please email them to & and ask Yahoo to remove the email from their system.

We are not hiring anyone at all.

FAKE Checks Received in Mail

People have been sent fake corporate checks with Expat Financial logo on envelop. IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED A CHECK WHICH SEEMS TO BE FROM EXPAT FINANCIAL, CHECK IS A FAKE! DO NOT CASH! We did not send any checks!

It is our understanding that people who cash these checks may be liable for any fraudulent check that you cash! You probably received the check because you responded to the fake transfer agent job email – they got the email &/or your address from The criminals will probably email you again with Western Union wire transfer instructions that are part of their money laundering and check fraud.

Don’t respond to the work at home scam emails! 


Please also GO to OR to report! Maybe try local police. As to what do do with the check, that is up to you

Further Info

The foreign criminals behind this copyright violation and phishing fake job email scam were & are sending false emails to people around the world stating that they had a job for them as a Transfer Agent with a fake internet site such as Expat USA Financial. The email promised a part time job processing checks – which were either stolen or fake. The criminal entities responsible for this spoof and fraudulent email were attempting to engage the unsuspecting email recipient in a money laundering scam.

The Account Manager or Money Transfer Agent scam tries to recruit people to be a transfer agent. The scam artists either send you fake checks or transfer stolen money into your account. You then transfer the money back to them less a small “commission.” You will then be liable for the bounced check or stolen monies. You could even be pursued by the police for participating in the scam. 

If you have received this bogus email, delete it and of course do not contact the people who have sent it. Do not send your bank or personal details to anyone connected with that email. If it looks suspect, then it probably is.

We have notified the local police, RCMP and the FBI! But feel free to contact them if you wish.

Some authorities recommend that you change your email address ASAP!

More Information from the Web on this Transfer Agent Scam: – Notes that even victims on this scam who transfer the fraudulent check could be prosecuted by authorities! – report this crime here – great story from BBC on the above type of job email scam.

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